650 x IQ Puzzles Trivia Pack


650 x IQ Puzzles Trivia Pack – includes an image puzzle and a multiple choice question. Great for brain training games or trivia nights.

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Brain training and more…

IQ Puzzles Trivia Pack

The IQ Puzzles Trivia Pack is one of top selling trivia packs. This set set is packed with 650 brain training puzzles that will get your audience engaged.

The pack download will includes a zip file with brain training images and the associated questions on a spreadsheet (or other format if selected).

All questions are multiple choice with four answer options and are fully fact checked.

What is the format of the questions?

The trivia pack includes an images (brain training puzzle) per question. Each questions is in a multiple choice format.
Image 1: Brain training puzzle
Example Question: “What is the next number in the sequence?”

The trivia pack includes 400 brain training IQ Puzzles  to test your audience on. Below are five reasons that everyone should try IQ Puzzle / Brain Training to keep your mind healthy:

1. Enhancing cognitive abilities: Brain training exercises are designed to challenge and stimulate various cognitive functions, such as memory, attention, problem-solving, and reasoning. Regular brain training can help improve and sharpen these abilities, leading to better mental agility, critical thinking skills, and overall cognitive performance.

2. Memory improvement: Memory is a crucial aspect of daily life, and brain training can help strengthen it. Certain brain training exercises focus specifically on memory recall and retention, helping individuals improve their ability to remember and recall information more effectively.

3. Cognitive resilience and aging: As we age, cognitive decline becomes a concern for many individuals. Engaging in brain training activities can help promote cognitive resilience and potentially slow down age-related cognitive decline. By keeping the brain active and continuously challenging it, brain training may help maintain cognitive function and delay cognitive impairment.

4. Improved focus and attention: In today’s fast-paced world, maintaining focus and attention can be challenging. Brain training exercises that target attention and focus can help individuals improve their ability to concentrate on tasks, filter out distractions, and stay mentally engaged for longer periods.

5. Mental well-being and stress reduction: Brain training activities can be enjoyable and serve as a form of mental stimulation and relaxation. Engaging in puzzles, games, or other brain training exercises can provide a break from daily stressors, allowing individuals to unwind and focus their attention on something positive. This can contribute to improved mental well-being, stress reduction, and a sense of accomplishment.