100 x Famous Fads Trivia Pack


200 x Famous Fads Trivia Pack – relieve your youth with trivia about fads from the past to present day.

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Nothing beats a good fad

 Fads Trivia Pack

The Fads Trivia Pack will be a real trip down memory lane to the crazy fads of our youth. Whether you remember the original fads or whether you are a millennial or Gen Z and are discovering the fads in an ironic way you will love this quiz!

If you remember or used Pet Rocks, Hula Hoops or played Pokemon Go or Dance Dance Revolution then this trivia pack will be very entertaining.

If your audience is Gen Z or Millennial then including this trivia pack is an absolute must.

All questions are multiple choice with four answer options and are fully fact checked.

This quiz pack includes everything from the world of wellness including these 5 fads:

Fads Trivia Pack

1. Pet Rocks (1970s): In the 1970s, the Pet Rock fad took the world by storm. It involved selling ordinary rocks as pets, complete with a humorous instruction manual. Despite their simplicity, Pet Rocks became a cultural phenomenon and a symbol of the era’s quirky fads.

2. Hula Hoop (1950s): The hula hoop craze emerged in the 1950s and quickly became a global sensation. People of all ages enjoyed twirling the plastic hoops around their waists, hips, and arms. The trend was so popular that millions of hula hoops were sold within a few months.

3. Pokémon Go (2016): Pokémon Go, a mobile game that combines augmented reality with the popular Pokémon franchise, created a worldwide phenomenon. Players used their smartphones to capture virtual Pokémon characters in real-world locations, leading to massive gatherings and a surge in outdoor activity.

4. Fidget Spinners (2017): Fidget spinners gained tremendous popularity in 2017 as handheld toys designed to alleviate stress and increase focus. These small devices, consisting of a central bearing and rotating blades, became a must-have item for children and adults, but the fad quickly declined in subsequent years.

5. Dance Dance Revolution (Late 1990s): Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) is a rhythm-based video game that requires players to step on a dance pad following on-screen arrows. It gained significant popularity in the late 1990s and early 2000s, with arcades filled with people showcasing their dance moves to energetic music.