2000 x General Knowledge Trivia Pack


2000 x General Knowledge Trivia – Multiple choice questions with four incorrect answers.

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2000 questions across multiple topics

General Knowledge Trivia Pack

The General Knowledge Trivia Pack contains 2000 high quality multiple choice questions. This huge trivia pack is perfect for bars, quiz apps and websites.

General Knowledge pack is made up of core topics such as History, Geography, School Subjects, Sport, Lifestyle, Technology and many more.

All questions are multiple choice with four answer options and are fully fact checked.

This trivia pack includes core trivia topics including the following:

General Knowledge Trivia Pack

1. Entertainment: This category covers movies, television shows, music, celebrities, and other aspects of popular culture. Questions could range from identifying famous actors or songs to trivia about iconic movies or TV series.

2. History: This category delves into various historical events, figures, and significant moments from different time periods and regions. Questions could cover topics such as ancient civilizations, world wars, notable leaders, and important milestones in human history.

3. Geography: This category tests players’ knowledge of different countries, cities, landmarks, and geographical features. Questions might involve identifying capitals, famous landmarks, major rivers, or mountain ranges from around the world.

4. Science and Nature: This category focuses on scientific facts, discoveries, natural phenomena, and the natural world. Questions might cover topics like biology, chemistry, astronomy, and environmental science.

5. Sports and Leisure: This category encompasses a wide range of sports, games, hobbies, and recreational activities. Questions could include trivia about popular sports, famous athletes, Olympic events, board games, card games, and other leisure activities.

6. Arts and Literature: This category explores the realms of art, literature, and artistic expression. Questions might cover famous paintings, renowned authors, literary works, poetry, and artistic movements.

7. Science and Technology: This category delves into the world of science, technology, and innovations. Questions might cover topics such as inventions, scientific principles, computer technology, and advancements in various fields.