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Trivia Database Formats

We have over 10 years of experience of delivering trivia database formats to clients. There are four main types of formats that digital publishers require when making a trivia app or quiz website. You can pick and choose your trivia categories and then select your required format. We have outlined below these formats and typical structures.

Trivia Database Formats

Trivia Database in Excel or CSV Format

Delivering trivia content in Excel or CSV format is still the most popular with our clients. This is the simplest format and enables simple review and editing of content. This format is typically for entry level trivia projects or websites. Our Excel standard format is as follows:

Question ID / Category / Sub Category / Difficulty / Question / Correct Answer / Incorrect 1 / Incorrect 2 / Incorrect 3

We are also able to deliver bespoke formats for clients if required.

Trivia Database in XML Format

Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a very simple text format for data. XML is a very versatile delivery format as it enables developers to define their own tags. XML format is a standard for web content and we have delivered over 1 million questions in this format is the last year alone. Click on this link for a great description of XML and why it could be the delivery format for your trivia project.

Below is our standard XML format structure example:

<text>Which music artist released the single “Gold Digger” in 2005?</text>
<answer num=“A”>Kanye West</answer>
<answer num=“B”>50 Cent</answer>
<answer num=“C”>Drake</answer>
<answer num=“D”>Snoop Dogg</answer>

Trivia Database in jSON Format

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format is very popular with trivia app and quiz website developers. jSON is simple for humans to both read and write. You can read more information on why jSON maybe the right delivery format for your trivia content by clicking here.

Our standard jSON format structure is as follows:

“question_text”:“Which music artist released the single ‘Gold Digger’ in 2005?”,
“answer_a”:“Kanye West”,
“answer_b”:“50 Cent”,
“answer_d”:“Snoop Dogg”,
We are able to offer custom made jSON structures if your project requires.

Trivia Database in Word Format

This is the quiz format delivery for pub quizzes. If you want your trivia in a format that you can just print out and read questions then Word is the best format for you. We can deliver the quizzes in any structure you require.

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