250 x Reality TV Trivia Pack


250 x Reality TV Trivia Pack contains quizzes about the hottest reality TV shows and stars.

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“You’re Fired!”

Reality TV Trivia Pack

The Reality TV Trivia Pack contains quizzes from all the very biggest reality TV shows of the last 25 years. From the early days of Big Brother, the Good Life, Kardashians to The Apprentice and Survivor.

Reality TV is the biggest TV genre on the planet and dominates channels across the globe. The genre has made celebrities out of nobodies and the world loves a good reality TV show. This quiz pack delivers for anyone who loves this TV show type and is a must for quiz nights or quiz products.

All questions are multiple choice with four answer options and are fully fact checked.

Relive the classic reality TV moments and remember the stars with this quiz pack. Highlights in the pack include these reality legendary moments:

Reality TV Trivia Pack

1. “You’re Fired!” – The Apprentice: Donald Trump’s catchphrase, “You’re fired,” from the reality competition show “The Apprentice,” became a cultural phenomenon. Contestants who failed to meet Trump’s expectations would hear those words before being eliminated from the show. The phrase entered the public lexicon, gaining recognition beyond the realm of reality TV.

2. “Survivor: The Outcasts” Twist: During the sixth season of “Survivor” in 2003, the show introduced an unprecedented twist called “The Outcasts.” The previously eliminated contestants were given a chance to reenter the game, shocking both the remaining players and viewers. This unexpected twist sparked controversy and forever changed the dynamics of the game.

3. “The Snooki Punch” – Jersey Shore: In 2009, MTV’s “Jersey Shore” became a pop culture sensation. One of the most memorable moments from the show occurred during the first season when Snooki, one of the cast members, was punched in the face by a bar patron. This incident drew significant media attention and became a defining moment for the series.

4. “Kelly Clarkson is the Winner!” – American Idol: The inaugural season of “American Idol” in 2002 concluded with the announcement that Kelly Clarkson had won the singing competition. Clarkson’s emotional reaction, combined with the excitement of the moment, solidified the show’s place in reality TV history and marked the beginning of a successful music career for the young singer.

5. “Kim, There’s People That Are Dying” – Keeping Up with the Kardashians: A notable moment from the long-running reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” occurred when Kim Kardashian was upset over her lost diamond earring while on vacation. Her sister, Kourtney Kardashian, responded with the now-infamous line, “Kim, there’s people that are dying.” The quote quickly spread across social media and became a meme, encapsulating the family’s privileged lifestyle.