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Free Trivia Examples

When you start your trivia website or app you need free trivia examples. This will allow you to check the quality of questions on offer and what format you need them in.

Multiple Choice Trivia Questions

Multiple Choice Questions are the most popular format of trivia that we license. This type of question is ideal for attracting a broad audience to your app or website. The best thing about multiple choice trivia is that anyone can play even if they have limited knowledge of the topic.

Question: Which music artist released the single “Gold Digger” in 2005?
Correct Answer: Kayne West
Incorrect 1: Drake
Incorrect 2: 50 Cent
Incorrect 3: Snoop Dogg

Question: In roulette, a bet on two adjoining numbers is known as a what?
Correct Answer: Split
Incorrect 1: Straight
Incorrect 2: Corner
Incorrect 3: Cover

Question: Vitamin B is also known as what?
Correct Answer: Folic Acid
Incorrect 1: Ascorbic Acid
Incorrect 2: Cholecalciferol
Incorrect 3: Tocopherol

Put Them In Order Trivia Questions

Put Them In Order Trivia Questions are very popular for mobile apps. This question format is easy to play and visually pleasing. This is the second most popular category in our trivia database.

Question: Put these U2 albums in release date order, earliest first.
Option 1: Boy
Option 2: The Unforgettable Fire
Option 3: The Joshua Tree
Option 4: Achtung Baby

Question: Put these ‘dotcom’ businesses in the order in which they were launched.
Option 1: eBay
Option 2: Google
Option 3: Twitter
Option 4: Facebook

Question: Put these Scrabble tiles in order of value, starting with the lowest.
Option 1: A
Option 2: D
Option 3: M
Option 4: V

True or False Trivia Questions

This question format is very simple. It is popular on trivia website and apps. We have 10,000 True or False trivia questions available to license today.

Question: Transylvania is in Romania.
Answer: True

Question: Xbox is owned by Japanese video game manufacturer Nintendo.
Answer: False

Question: Your father’s sister’s son is your cousin.
Answer: True

Who Am I? Trivia Questions

Who Am I? trivia questions are also a popular genre in our database. We have 2000 of these question types that are ready to license today.

Question: Who Am I?
Statement 1: I am a rapper.
Statement 2: I was born in New York.
Statement 3: I am a member ‘G-Unit’.
Statement 4: My debut album was entitled ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’.
Statement 5: My real name is Curtis Jackson.
Correct Answer: 50 Cent

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