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Brain Training Puzzles

Brain Training Puzzles are a popular genre on quiz websites and apps. There are many benefits of people playing brain training puzzles. These puzzles can help with memory loss and stave off mental decline. More information on the benefits can be found by clicking here. These benefits mean that brain training is a great way to drive traffic to your quiz website or app.

Brain Training Puzzles Database

We have over 1000 puzzles in our database that can be licensed for your quiz app or website. These puzzles have been curated by our experienced team and have be licensed to many clients over the years. This option provides and economic way to include brain training puzzles in your quiz app or website. You are able to select the type of puzzle you require. Each puzzle comes with an image, question and four possible answers.

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Custom Puzzle Creation

If you are looking for a specific type of puzzle or prefer to have content that exclusive to you then this maybe the best option. You are able to determine the type of puzzle and character count. In addition, you are able to choose the dimensions of the image.

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Example Database Puzzles:

Our puzzles are very popular with trivia websites and apps. Below are some examples of the content available to license.

Brain Training Puzzles

Question: What is the correct time for Balloon E?
Correct A: 05.32
Incorrect 1: 12.45
Incorrect 2: 01.30
Incorrect 3:

Question: Which of these is not a true replica of the master shape?
Correct A: D
Incorrect 1: A
Incorrect 2: C
Incorrect 3: B

Brain Training Puzzle 2
Brain Training Puzzle 3

Question: On this Sudoku, which of these numbers will fill in the question mark?
Correct A: 1
Incorrect 1: 2
Incorrect 2: 3
Incorrect 3: 4

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